Monday, July 19, 2010

Deck Underway + Dreamy Danish Set

I keep saying how long it has been since my last blog each time I write, but man, it REALLY has been a while. And that is because we have been working so hard on finishing up the place so we can get our final inspection and enjoy (uh, and I have a big exam in 2 months I have to start studying for - starting this week). The greatest news is that I scored the table and chair set I have been searching for months for. I've been on Craigslist multiple times a day, been to the Rosebowl and Long Beach antique markets... then finally! A gorgeous set in amazing condition - walnut table and 6 chairs with two extension leaves. I'm in heaven! And it looks so good next to my "new" walnut wall unit. On the construction front I still have a ton of painting to do, however, we made quite a bit of progress on the deck. After wrapping up last night around 9:00 pm I took some night shots of where we are. Hopefully this weekend will let us finish it up so we can get the inspection ovr the week of the 26th.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moving In!

Well, its official. We moved our furniture into the bedroom yesterday and slept in it last night for the first time. Tons of sunlight (I'll be sleeping with an eyemask now) and lots more room. Today while I was at the Rose Bowl flea market looking for a Danish dining table set with my friend Hillary, Mike worked on putting together his new wardrobe. Once I got home we finished it up together and I'm currently painting the side (letting it dry one coat while I blog) to match the adjacent wall. We still need to build the deck so we have proper egress before we can get a final sign off from the building inspector (and the electrician needs to do 5 or 6 last little things) and then we are golden. I got the rest of the shower tile on Friday (I didn't order enough to wrap the outside wall of the shower) and finished all the grouting on Saturday before heading to the Wiener Dog Nationals races at the Los Alamitos race track to join some friends from our running club. I still have a ton of trim to paint, the kitchen ceiling an soffit to paint (along with 3 walls in the living room. I"m so sick and tired of painting but we are almost there!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lazy Blogger

But not that lazy... since we have been working our tails off to get things finished up. This weekend was another busy one. We had the new hardwood flooring installed in the bedroom and hallway on Monday (looks great - but does NOT look anything like the adjacent old hardwood floor which we will refinish to match the new in the future). We also got about 90% finished the new bathroom. I still need to paint/caulk some trim in there and install the pocket door and bathroom acessories, vanity drawers, etc. I'll tell you, it took me 8 hours to grout the sucker on Saturday - way longer than I ever expected it to take. The HVAC guys are working on our new ductless system today but are having issues and think that there is a leak in the line somewhere. I really hope that they get it sorted out and working today. We finished the 3 day weekend on a high note by assembling our gorgeous "new" wall unit that we bought last weekend. Oh, I'm in heaven.