Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moving In!

Well, its official. We moved our furniture into the bedroom yesterday and slept in it last night for the first time. Tons of sunlight (I'll be sleeping with an eyemask now) and lots more room. Today while I was at the Rose Bowl flea market looking for a Danish dining table set with my friend Hillary, Mike worked on putting together his new wardrobe. Once I got home we finished it up together and I'm currently painting the side (letting it dry one coat while I blog) to match the adjacent wall. We still need to build the deck so we have proper egress before we can get a final sign off from the building inspector (and the electrician needs to do 5 or 6 last little things) and then we are golden. I got the rest of the shower tile on Friday (I didn't order enough to wrap the outside wall of the shower) and finished all the grouting on Saturday before heading to the Wiener Dog Nationals races at the Los Alamitos race track to join some friends from our running club. I still have a ton of trim to paint, the kitchen ceiling an soffit to paint (along with 3 walls in the living room. I"m so sick and tired of painting but we are almost there!

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