Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All tied down

It may not look too different from what we saw yesterday but they did a ton of work setting the beams, tying everything down and adding the bracing. Tomorrow the plumber, Dennis, will be running the below-floor piping so we can try to get both a floor framing and plumbing inspection on Thursday. On another note, our doors and windows did NOT arrive today as promised. Apparently there was some mix up on the timing of the delivery (isnt there always?) but now the window dealer and manufacturer are clear on the timing. They will be shipped out tomorrow and arrive either Friday or Monday. I'm betting on Monday. Also, I ordered the wall sconces for the bathroom today. It was between my lighting dealer's decent to-the-trade discount plus a ridiculous $50 shipping fee and Ylighting.com's tiny 5% to-the-trade discount and free shipping. I think I saved like 50 cents but ended up going with Ylighting since they were cool to work with (and the principal behind no charge for shipping). I selected the same Oxygen Lighting, Pebble sconce that I used in my other bathroom (Ok, and my living room too) but went crazy and ordered the polished chrome this time (instead of brushed). These are also fluorescent 4-pin as required by T24. I'm all for saving energy but am bummed that they aren't dimmable. Oh well, at least they will look great and after tax, etc. they ended up being $101 each.

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