Monday, April 26, 2010

And there are joists!

Today is day 6 (five day work weeks) and it was great to come home from work and see that the forms had been pulled off (we asked for the wood to be saved so we can chop up for firewood for us and our neighbor) and the floor joists had been framed out. I'm not sure when the next inspection will be... need to check with Sal, our contractor tomorrow... but we are on a roll. Also need to share with Sal a new elevation for the bathroom. We picked out the sink/cabinet/legs/mirror on Sunday and now I need to make sure the plumber has dimensions for where the drain and water supply will be. I also decided on the final shower design and toilet (yay TOTO dual flush!) so now I'm set with all the fixture placement. I think I'll surprise everyone with the sink vanity manufacturer... its not what I had in mind but I'm not convinced that it will be great. Mike gets the credit for picking this one out!


  1. Toto dual flush....? I think you are so silly but I would have done the same! If the floor joists are not covered, make sure to get bracing in there or years from now you will have squeks even if you screw the substrate.

  2. that's not silly! Plus it looks great and the "to the trade" price is 40% off list. Not too shabby. And the bracing will be complete by end of day. Those guys are jammin!