Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do they call it Tiler's Crack?

It has been so long since I have posted mostly because I took off a few days from work and have been working on the house from the minute the sun is up to after it goes down. The only thing I have had the energy for is drinking a glass of wine and taking a shower. Just a note: if you are a friend of mine, please don't ever ask me to help you tile. After this expansion I'm done thankyouverymuch. Before I was making a big deal about my huge shower. Not so much now since I started the mosaic tile. It's kind of like a 1.5 person job. I need an apprentice or something to get it done as quickly and cleanly as I would like it. And even though I wore gloves for most of the day I still have crusty "thinset hands". Good news is, I'm happy to report, that the whole dining room floor is done as well as the stone floor in the new master bath. Also, the existing bath is 100% done with the exception of the new door. I love my husband but can't wait to have some privacy again.

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