Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh Boy is Our House Dirty!

So the taper finished today. It looks great but our house is a dusty dirty mess. Mike and I have spent the last 4 hours "magic erasering" the window frames, taping and caulking them, dusting off all the drywall dusty walls in the expansion, and vacuuming out the outlets and J-boxes so we can primer tomorrow. Now we are in the middle of a major clean up (with a glass of vino in hand). Since the stucco guys won't do the finish coat until next week we have the scaffolding in our back yard... and will use it to paint those high ceilings and walls. I think we have picked out our accent wall colors but are still trying to make up our minds. Got a call today from both the tile company and the hard wood flooring co. to let us know that our materials are ready for pick-up. I think I can get the wood flooring in my Prius (maybe two trips?) but the tile - no way! Good thing I can get a new Tundra from work next week (I'm taking Tues and Wed off to work on the house) to go pick up the tile from the warehouse in Anaheim. Off to dust and imbibe...

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