Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Love My Prius

Even if I didn't work for the greatest car company ever I would be bragging to everyone about how awesome my Pruis is. You would not believe what I fit into it today: a huge (disassembled) mid century wall unit I bought from a sweet older lady in Silverado Canyon today for a steal. Oh, and I also was able to fit two huge 1950's ceramic lamp bases as well. Try that in any other typical passenger car and you will never get it to fit. Or get 42+ MPG. As far as the house goes, we were able to reinstall our pantry cabinets (along with a new under the window section) and I got some painting done. Nice crisp bright white walls in the living room and kitchen. Looks fantastic but took about 5 coats of premium paint to cover the ugly tan shade I painted a couple of years ago. I've been 100% done with painting the "new" part of the house for a few days now but the expansion gave me a great excuse to change my color scheme and freshen up the rest of the older space. And my new best friend is flat/matte paint. Love it! Why did it take me so long to get convinced. Everything looks so good in flat! Oh, one more thing: Ron the electrician came today and installed some of the can light's trim and all of the switches and outlets. It looks so much more finished!

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