Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yay! Mud!

Great news - we passed our inspections today (drywall, shower hot-mop, and exterior lath). That means that Mike and I did an acceptable drywall job in the dining room - and actually, we were complimented by the crew that helped us hang the final drywall in the master bed and bath yesterday. They were impressed that a couple of gringo kids did such a good job. Anyhow, we are cleared to mud and tape now and the stucco crew can begin the scratch coat tomorrow. Before we can get the taper on board we have a little work to do this Friday. We have to take off the Hardibacker in the shower and install a waterproof membrane on the studs, then reinstall the Hardi. Also, we need to finish chiseling out the old hardwood floor from the closet (now hallway) and old bathroom entry before we can hang the doors to the existing bathroom and new bedroom. I can hardly wait. A sheet of sheer plastic is not very good for bathroom privacy! Speaking of bathrooms, the new skylight in the old bathroom is fantastic. It's shaft is about 8' long so the light is filtered and indirect by the time it hits the area below. Because of this, its not the best replacement of natural light for the old shower window so I think I'm going to have to install a recessed can above the tub. The awesome part about the operable skylight is that the steam goes straight up and out rather than hang around and fog up all the mirrors. I took a scalder last night and no fog!

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