Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh, My Aching Back!

So I haven't posted in a while. But believe me, its not because I was being lazy! Mike and I just spent three very very long days hanging drywall and it has not been fun. To start, we had to modify the opening "pass through" between the kitchen (over the sink) and dining room to open it up widen and extend the top to match the soffit height. Taking out the old kitchen window header and associated plaster, metal lath, etc. was not the easiest task. And it made one hell of a plaster dust mess everywhere throughout the house. The rest of the time we were not enjoying ourselves by trying to hang full sheets of drywall on the sloped 14'high ceiling with just the two of us. That totally sucked and I'm really happy to be past that (and so is Mike). Needless to say, we thought we would easily have both rooms complete by Monday evening so we could get an inspection on the shower hot mop, exterior stucco lath, and drywall screws on Tuesday. Hardly. So.... today we have some pro drywall hangers in to help us finish the job in the bathroom and master bedroom (and hopefully the skylight in the existing bathroom). We have the inspection rescheduled for tomorrow and I think we are going to make it. I just hope our amateur job in the dining room passes muster.

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