Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We won't be getting the roof inspection tomorrow since there is no sheathing on the roof right now... Wednesday night. Big bummer. But the crew did get a lot of things done today (finished sheathing all walls, added the roof overhang and facia, finished framing the wall above the bathroom ceiling, and finished the skylight framing). I got a call during the day from Sal who wanted to speak to the structural engineer about the blocking design on the roof framing detail. The framers thought that it was a little excessive but it turns out that it is required due to the huge span for my vaulted ceiling. I'm glad my structural engineer is awesome about answering his phone during the day regarding freelance gigs while he's at his "real" job at an OC engineering firm. On a positive note, I got shipping confirmation on both my plumbing fixtures (faucets, valves, etc.) for both bathrooms and for the mosaic tile samples that I ordered. Tile comes tomorrow so Mike and I can pick out our favorite blend for the shower and vanity area. I think I've ordered just about everything but the toilet, tile, and hardwood flooring (these have all been selected - just not purchased yet).

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  1. Wow!! It's really coming along nicely! How exciting to have so much more space! I can't wait to see how the interior develops. Looking forward to seeing it in person. -kim