Monday, May 24, 2010


I've taken a little break from the blog (Thurs and Friday last week) because there really wasn't any work done to write about other than Sal taking some surplus lumber back to the yard for a credit. Saturday was a working day for our electrician Ron and he got to town working on the rough electrical scope. One thing that I learned that I didn't know (due to my lack of residential experience) was that you need to have an outlet every 6 feet in a room. Let's just say we have a LOT more outlets now that originally planned. I hope the inspector doesn't count them since there are lots more than the handful that I pulled a permit for! Dennis, our plumber is on site today getting his rough plumbing done. I had to run to the house on my lunch break to get one of the valves he needed out of the garage. Go Dennis! The goal is to get the rough electrical, plumbing, and framing inspected this week before the City's closure this Friday and the Memorial Day holiday.

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