Friday, May 7, 2010

Raising the Roof!

I was home in and out during the day (too many vacation days accrued) and was able to see some of the work take place today. Also helped work out a couple of issues that came up (just minor detail stuff) with the superintendent that is in charge of the framing. Among many things, we went over skylight placement, a window that we have to install in the existing house (code requirements for ventilation in the kitchen since we are losing the exterior window wall). The best part of today was going out back with Mike after he got home from work, pulled out two folding chairs and opened up a bottle of wine. We sat in both the dining room and bedroom and discussed our thoughts on storage, kitchen tables, and art... and then he started rambling about speakers in the ceiling, etc. Not something I'm very concerned about but he obviously is. I can't wait to see next week's accomplishments. I know they will finish framing and then install all of the plywood on the walls and ceiling. Got the quote for re-roofing the existing roof (more expensive than I planned) but a good idea to do at the same time. Its just our luck to pick something that gets discontinued a few months down the line. I also picked out and ordered the faucets for the new shower and the existing tub/shower that the plumber is going to redo for us (the imbeciles that we bought the house from installed the pressure valve and diverter upside down so we only have two temperatures - hot and cold - and used really cheap fixtures). Cheers to a long week of great work!

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