Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today all of the stucco was pulled off the back of my house. It looked so neat -especially since the eaves had been cut back to the 2x4 framing. Mike was asking me what the "pre treatment" will be to the wall and I explained that it's probably up to us to pull out all the nails and clean it up nicely since we are responsible for doing all of the drywall work. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that the electrician completed the panel install and moved our meter. Really cool! And after we get the inspection, Edison will come out and do the final connection. I love that we will now have plenty of power - especially for a dedicated circuit to support a soft tub in the future. Since the walls will be framed this week I made a big effort tonight to get an extra sheet done that has all of the dimensions needed for window, door, and interior framing. I think my older drawings were a little vague. These should help when Mike gives the drawings to the framer tomorrow.

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