Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lumber Jack

Wow there is a lot of wood in my backyard today! Today was a little crazy. House stuff started with my going to the City at 7:30 to talk to the plan checker about the added 2nd sink in the new bathroom. Of course it wasn't a problem and after a fee of about $13 I was out the door and on my way with the updated permit. Good thing I thought of grabbing my copy of the permit set of drawings before I ran out the door (since he needed to mark up both mine and the Cit set with the 2nd sink). I also chatted with him and the planning guy about what I want to do with the new deck I'm adding to the back and it looks like my plan will be just fine (something I came up with after I had gone through plan check).
Mike called me at 8:30 in a panic because the framers had framed out the floor using an older set of plans (the inspector had my permitted set where I had changed the floor framing design to run perpendicular to what had been built). Either design was fine - I had made the last change for economy since it would use less lumber... but oh well. What mattered is that the inspector approved the work along with the underfloor plumbing rough in.
The electrician was also on site today and put in our new panel and started pulling his wires. Tomorrow he'll have lots of good 'ol attic work to do (running the existing house's electrical through a sleeve in the attic to the new panel) so for his sake I hope it doesn't get too hot. There should be some great photos tomorrow after the framing begins.

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